Feeling anxious, stressed out or overwhelmed?

Want to take back control?

Want to regain clarity and calm balance?

Welcome to Sunshine Hypnotherapy

At Sunshine Hypnotherapy, my aim is to help you overcome your issues and to live the life that you want. The Clinical Hypnotherapy with Strategic Psychotherapy services may help by providing you with different perspectives, supportive skill building and practical tools and reconnecting you to your unique strengths. When you are committed to making positive change, we can work together to get you to where you want to be.

Hypnotherapy is…

  • Effective brief therapy
  • Safe and natural
  • A powerful technique to align your unconscious
    and conscious mind to resolve your problem


Clinical Hypnotherapy

Discover the power of your mind and become a healthier with tailored Hypnotherapy treatment


Enjoy relaxation and restoration of balance and harmony in body, mind and spirit with a Reiki session.

How I can help you with Hypnotherapy…







Face to face and Online Zoom & Skype

Hypnotherapy sessions available

Do you wish your life could be different?

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Why Sunshine Hypnotherapy?

Strategic Hypnotherapy

Effective methods combining Strategic Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy to improve outcomes.

Initial 30 minutes Obligation Free

First 30 minutes of Initial Hypnotherapy session is Obligation Free. No payment is required if you decide not to proceed.

Tailored treatment

Tailored treatment to your unique needs.

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