At Sunshine Hypnotherapy, you can expect a deeply relaxing and uniquely targeted hypnotic experience. Every client is respected as an individual with their unique set of strengths and abilities, beliefs and perceptual filters. For every situation there is a vast possibility of ways of perception and response. I can offer you a different perspective if the existing lens you are looking through, reinforced by many past experiences, is no longer serving you and keeping you stuck.

I will be looking beyond the stories and labels such as “I’ve always been an anxious person” or looking to the past for explanations. Instead we will focus on the current processes you are running in your problem space, at how you, as an individual, are ‘doing’ the problem and how you can ‘unlearn’ and relearn better strategies so that you can have a more positive and fulfilling life.

These can be unconscious patterns learnt from the past that aren’t working quite as well now in some contexts. Perhaps you are catastrophising about the future or dwelling on the past, getting caught up in excessive worry, negative thinking and self-talk, or listening too much to your thoughts or feelings.

You control more than you realise, and we can offer you practical tools, reframing of perspectives and help you to feel more confident about your own capabilities.

In the first session, we will begin by gathering detailed information about you and your issue.

  • The interviewing will be strategic.
  • You have opportunities to ask questions.
  • The first 30 minutes is obligation free, so if during that time you determine that hypnotherapy is not for you, you can feel free to leave without payment.
  • We will agree on a Treatment Plan together with areas to work on for each session.
  • You should expect to see progress from session to session.
  • Any questions, expectations or concerns about hypnosis will be discussed before we continue on to the hypnosis.

Hypnosis is an effective vehicle for delivering therapy, because the conscious mind is less active and this allows the unconscious mind, in the deeply relaxed and focused trance state, to be more open to suggestions and to make its own connections and come up with your own solutions.

The hypnosis is personalised to your unique needs and interests, based on our discussion. The approach used at Sunshine Hypnotherapy is Neo-Ericksonian, delivered gently with permissive language, respecting your autonomy to make your own decisions. The language used will offer possibilities for your consideration. As part of ‘tasking’, a recording of the session will be provided to you to listen to daily until the next session for more effective results.

* Please note: Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for medical treatment, but can be used in conjunction as a complementary therapy.